Make money online: Become a digital entrepreneur

We woke up one morning, we looked around and we realized we had to change course, to see the horizon towards new forms of work that allow each of us to supplement our salary, without giving up our first job. You also have the opportunity to create new and more revenue or to replace the old and tiring work.

That’s why today I want to talk to you about some methods that will teach you how to make money online, some of which I have already experienced. Before coming to my blog and reading this article, you will surely read other posts, guides, reviews, tips and more.

What did you find? The following announcements: paid surveys, writing guides and reviews on content marketplace platforms, selling used items, writing and publishing an eBook, opening blogs and websites, opening an online store. Maybe you even tried some of these jobs but they didn’t satisfy you.

There are other online earning systems

There are other online earning systems

but before I tell you about it I want you to understand the following concept. On the web, as in real life, nobody gives you anything, especially if we talk about money! Therefore I advise you to be wary of sites that promise easy, attractive and exorbitant earnings. Because it’s not like that, take it off your head! Indeed I will tell you more: the opposite is true, that is that you will have to roll up your hands and sweat your earnings. Do you want to know why? Read on and you’ll find out.

The first reason why there are no miraculous recipes is because you are not the only one to make money by doing a job online, and I hope that by reading various articles spread on the web, even different from mine, you will have gained this awareness, so you will have to break down the competition. Second because the offers, the opportunities are many and varied but you have to know how to choose the convenient and suitable one for you, otherwise you risk losing time, money, energy, enthusiasm and resources. I know our tastes and needs have changed and you are in a hurry to figure out how to get a small fixed monthly income with an online job, but take some time, don’t run.

The environment that surrounds us goes fast, the rhythms are hectic and if we identify ourselves in an offer published online we take it on the fly without informing us too much about the truthfulness of the information contained in the job announcement. This is not good, it’s wrong! We always have to have our eyes open, because behind a job posting we could hide a deception with the sole purpose of extorting money. Our desires and life expectations have undergone a metamorphosis. directly, so I know I will be very helpful.

Traditional method: word of mouth winning strategy or just a reminder of the past?

Traditional method: word of mouth winning strategy or just a reminder of the past?

To work and make money online you have to break down the competition, just like in reality. How? You have to conquer a small market circle. If you think that on the internet you can offer different products or services, you are wrong, it is not so, because the visitor of your site will not perceive you as a specialist in the sector and will look for those who are able to offer few but exhaustive products. How to do? Conquer a small market circle.

I suggest you assert yourself and make yourself perceived as unique, good and better in a specific sector, so, in that particular area, you will be the point of reference and not others. To make you understand, it is a bit what happened years ago with word of mouth in the sectors that offered a service or advice; in particular, in the legal, tax, insurance, banking and medical sectors. It has never happened to you to hear “Avvocato Rossi is one of the best experts in the field of compensation for damage to road holes and pitfalls! “.

In this way, Avv. Rossi has gained the reputation and reputation of being the best, and consequently has taken root in his territory and at the same time acquired a good slice of the market. An automatic diffusion and publicity of the professionalism and competence of the lawyer Rossi was triggered in a completely natural way. The power of word of mouth, in order to conquer a market niche and reduce competition, has now been overtaken by the affiliation method.

Affiliations: successful strategy to increase sales


Today I’ll show you how you can make money with Affiliate Marketing. First of all we begin to define the concept of affiliation as a bond that is created between two subjects: the Advertiser offers a product or service to sell and the Affiliate sells its product and service, earning us. The Advertiser gives the Affiliate the possibility of selling his product and earning a commission on the actual sales he can make.

The affiliate

The Affiliate is a salesman and to be successful he must first of all know the user, offering him something that meets his need, at the same time as the urgency to satisfy his need arises, so that he can buy the product or service by generating a transaction . How can you locate your user? In this sense, the Internet is meeting you because it provides useful tools from which you can draw information on the tastes and preferences of your potential customer. Just think of the countless information circulating on the most popular social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, or from the favorite websites or from the e-mail marketing you receive.

You are a seller and you have the possibility of:

  1. create a virtual store,
  2. choose a niche,
  3. decide which affiliate networks to use,
  4. promote through: Google, Google AdWords, Facebook ADS.
  5. place the online store on the market.

Affiliate’s success

The number of visits that your site reaches is not important, what determines the success of an Affiliate is the interest that it arouses in its visitors and which determines the number of purchases of that product or service. We could have 20,000 disinterested visits to your product and maybe we could make 70 purchases, just as we could have 10,000 interested visits and make 200 purchases. Also remember that even the virtual store as well as the physical store must have the following items:

  • aesthetic image : cleanliness, order, graphics and colors
  • easy availability of products and services: display them clearly, visibly and in detail,
  • organize the sectors : easily accessible,
  • make the site attractive with persuasive content: SEO copywriter .

Easy earnings do not exist if this were the case, everyone would be able to make enormous wealth with a minimum effort, instead of making sacrifices to make money online, they have to do it. With the Affiliate Marketing the earning possibilities are concrete also because it is characterized by the absence of 4 precise limits:

  • territorial,
  • earnings,
  • time,
  • resources.

In fact, as Affiliate Marketing you can promote American Advertisers on the US territory and at the same time German Advertisers in Germany from the comfort of your office in Italy.